Dan Derwelis

My recent sculptures are about a cycle of loss, redemption, and possibility. They are about science and art. They are rooted in a reverence for the natural and a desire to explore formal artistic issues. They are about my relationship with other artists’ works, as well as my research into an internal conflict between the present reality of the human condition and a longing for something more.

I’m interested in exploring the coexistence of infinite sadness and the miraculous. I’m interested in what the materials can do; how the materials combine; how the materials react to manipulations; how the materials call out for colors. I’m interested in science and the natural world – time and again we discover that what we think we know is actually dramatically more complex and mind-blowing than we imagined.

Above all, I strive to remain fully present in the studio and react without prejudice to my desires and the artworks in process.

– DD

Video from recent exhibition at MOCAN